The Comany

SIGNETIC SYSTEMS (P) LTD . Pioneers and have been recognised as a leader in design , manufacturing and marketing of soildering and De-soldering equipments.Our Equipments have been successfully applied across a broad spectrum of electronic industry thoughout India. In today's electronic industry there are more SIGNETIC Soldering and De-solering systems in use than any other

SIGNETIC has played a significant role in the development of innovative prodcuts for more than a decade, now we have developed an innovative technology which is India's and probably the world's first and the only "DUEL ELEMENT TECHNOLOGY ". This concept has benifit in terms o f superior accuracy, longer working life, and greater productivity whioch has been tried and tested in Inda's electronic Industries.

Today the company is having a countrywide network and offers a wide range of Soldering . De-Soldering and other allied prodcuts than any oither manufacturers. As a company whose success derives from challenging conventional wisdom, the company remains fully committed toi develop close working partnership with its customers.







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